El Sendero Luminoso

« The warrior philosophy derives form the uniquely demanding situation facing a soldier or combattant, such as a samurai, in a deadly duel. He must perform with absolute mastery and calm in the face of horrendous mortal danger. In preparation, the warrior hones his body and mind. If he does not, he will not live long. In battle, he must be acutely aware of subtle details in the environment, his behaviour, yet remain completely impassive about his own peril. If he clings too dearly to his own life, or is ruled by his ego, he will seek escape; his attention will waver; he will be destroyed. Paradoxically, if he adopts a stance of embracing the risk and accepting the consequences, he is far more likely to survive. It is easy to see how the warrior mentality can be applied to the risky business of rock climbing ». (In The Rock Warrior’s Way, of A. Ilgner).


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